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is a shipping service provider for people who want to ship from the United States to anywhere in the world! By providing you with a US address to send to,
you are able to purchase from stores that do not offer international

Do you live in a country other than the United States? If you do, you know that the cost of many items such as phones, computers, beauty products, and clothes are much cheaper in the United States than anywhere else, especially on U.S. holidays. The reason most people do not take advantage of these cheap deals is the cost of shipping the products to their country is so high, which makes it not worth it to buy. Also, many stores do not offer international shipping.


Shipments4You provides a service that allows you to purchase items online in the USA, including the stores that do not provide international shipping, as long as you have an international credit card. After Shipments4You receives your packages, your items will be held for 30 days with no fee to you while you shop. Holding your items allows you to purchase items from different stores and send to our location.

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Combining Boxes

Shipments4You will combine your purchases from multiple stores into one box. This means you will only get a shipping charge on one box vs multiple.



Shipments4You will store your boxes in our warehouse while you shop online for more items. Storage is free for 30 days!

Assist selling products

If you are a small business looking to expand your customer base, Shipments4You provides you the ability to sell your products on our site.

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item inspection

Upon arrival to our warehouse, your items will be inspected to make sure they are not damaged. Shipments4You also provides you with a gallery of images of your items and boxes for your convenience!

Fast delivery

Shipments4You uses DHL shipping which delivers your products to you quickly!

boxing service

Shipments4You allows you the ability to customize how your box is put together including removing items from there boxes to reduce weight of box, item protection and many more!